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SHINE Family Learning is a project of Bicester Christian Action, along with the Bicester Food Bank, Street Pastors and Refugee Support Group. SHINE began on Kingsmere as part of the vision of Kingsmere Community Ministry and the Salvation Army to support the families living on this new estate. With the closure of the Bicester Children Centres the demand for parenting courses has grown. Not just to support the needs of families on Kingsmere but in Bicester town and surrounding villages. Our team has grown and includes teaching and counselling professionals from other churches in Bicester and we have many partners who provide funding and support from the local community who share our heart for supporting the development of positive family life.

Our Mission

To listen, understand, confirm uniqueness, value, support, maintain and even restore family relationships by providing an inclusive service that serves our community. We do this by delivering services that support and empower families to be the best they can be. Our focus is to connect families with each other to avoid isolation through educational programmes around all areas of child development and parenting. This includes parenting strategies, finance, child development, spirituality and well-being.  We aim to work in partnership with organisations that offer services to families, understanding that when we all work in unity we all benefit from each other’s skill and knowledge. We believe that for growth to take place in relationships there needs to be mutual involvement, therefore parents or caregivers will refer themselves to programmes and will attend because they are happy to do so and have chosen for themselves to engage with the services that we provide. Our programmes are delivered FREE to parents as community funding, grants and community partners support our work. However donations are always welcome!

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